Guitar and Bass Lessons from Jozef Bobula

Professional, Working Musician Teaches Bass and Guitar Lessons in Las Vegas

Jozef Bobula has been teaching guitar and bass guitar lessons since 2004. A classically trained jazz bass player with master’s degree in music performance from the University of Texas at Arlington, Jozef offers not one, but several ways to teach his students based on their individual interest and preferences.

Music is a language and fluency requires that all of its elements are equally important; reading, writing, theory, listening, performing, etc. Since every bass or guitar student comes from a different background and may be in need of improving in particular area of music language, Jozef develops a unique lesson program individually within the first few lessons. Some of the areas this lesson plan includes are reading music, theory, improvisation, technique development, transcribing, and performance. From beginning guitar chords to intermediate skills such as slap bass and tapping technique, Jozef’s expert music instruction sets students on the path to fluency.

Equipped with an enormous library of material (sheet music, method books, transcriptions, play-alongs, DVDs) there are endless possibilities for students to improve, to achieve their desired goals, and to get results quickly under Jozef’s expert instruction.

Some students may wish to get better at reading, some may want to learn how to improvise over chord changes, some may want to understand theory behind music, some to improve their technique, while some may just want to prepare for an upcoming audition or play songs. Whatever your goals, Jozef is here to help you make it the next level, or beyond.

Areas of expertise for Beginner to Intermediate Guitar

  • Music Reading (several levels depending on skills)Basic and Advanced Chords
  • Development of Pick and Finger-Picking Techniques
  • Playing Various Music Styles (from Classical to Rock Music)
  • Performance (How to perform compositions/songs)

Areas of expertise for Beginner to Advanced Level for 4, 5, 6-String Bass Guitar

  • Music Reading (many levels offered depending on skills)
  • Styles (Deep study of musical styles for Bass-from Jazz to Hard Rock)
  • Techniques (Slap, Finger Style, Tapping, Right-Hand Muting, Pick, Strumming)
  • Walking Basslines (How to walk the bassline over any chord changes)
  • Transcribing (Various techniques how to transcribe bass parts from music)
  • Theory (Study how music works in terms of theory)
  • Performance (How to perform compositions/songs, feel, etc…)
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Don’t let your dreams of being a real musician be just another one of those things you never got around to doing. Call Jozef Bobula and get moving toward your rockstar future today!

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